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They're Trying to Kill Us Promo (Instagram Post) (640 x 360 px) (640 x 260 px) (1280 x 520

If you’re an admirer of Brenda Sanders and her work, here’s an opportunity to support it! Brenda is featured in the newly released film, They’re Trying to Kill Us, and if you download the film here from Thursday Nov 11 - Sunday Nov 21st, part of the proceeds from the sale will go towards Brenda and her work. 


Not only that, but if you screen the film, Afro-Vegan Society will pay for the plant-based food you provide for the screening (all food must be plant-based)!

Plant-Based Food Grants Amounts


5-10 People -  $75


11-15 People - $100


16-20 People - $125


20+ People - $150


Fill out this grant application to receive your food grant!!

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